We’re a Denver-based agency that recently decided to reinvent ourselves. Founded in Phil Lockwood’s spare bedroom in 2001, we quickly built a reputation as Denver’s premier website design and development shop and used that focus to grow quickly.

office-editedCreation Chamber Office 2001

Within 2 years, we had a talented team working out of our dope LoDo office, designing and building award-winning sites for Einstein Bros, The Denver Broncos, Red Robin, Tokyo Joe’s, and several other exciting brands. We’d regularly do marg lunches at the Rio and kidnap clients for Rockies games across the street. We couldn’t lose and it was every bit as fun as it sounds.

Creation Chamber Office 2003

Five years later, we merged with another local agency (Xylem), grew our team to almost 70, and added even more brands to our roster: Frontier Airlines, Jamba Juice, Noodles, Quizno’s, MapQuest, and Molson Coors. Jimmy John’s alone gave us over $1M in budget one year (and the Broncos started saying they felt too small for us). Omnicom (NYSE: OCM) started making trips out from New York to negotiate acquiring us. We were still having a blast with Friday Afternoon Clubs and our new 9,000 SqFt Ballpark office with its in-house Irish pub and Rock Band / Guitar Hero music studio, but things weren’t running so well under the hood. The leadership team wasn’t aligned, the cultures of the 2 agencies had yet to gel, and our bloated team was costing more than we were making (that’s bad). Omnicom stopped visiting. Lay-offs came. Employees jammed in the music studio less and drank in the pub more. Stock changed hands. A reverse-merger was negotiated. The fun was over.

Creation Chamber Office 2008

Within 12 months, Xylem was sold off, the partners had parted ways, and Phil began operating Creation Chamber as a virtual agency with a handful of contractors. As with any messy break-up, it was definitely time for some serious soul searching. Before rebuilding, it was critical to analyze past failures, find a new passion, develop a new vision, and lay out a plan that would be better for employees, clients, and everyone else we touched. That took 7 years.

In 2016, Carol Lemke came on board as partner, kicking off a new stage of growth. We built new processes, tested new resources, and clarified our roadmap. We stopped sending digital marketing deals to partners and began building up in-house expertise in those areas. This category of work quickly overtook web design and development as our main revenue stream.

Creation Chamber Office 2018

Today, we have a small-but-growing team (led by Phil, Carol, and Tiffani Worthley) and a fantastic plan for growth that focuses on providing maximum value and—above all—having fun. Many businesses talk about what they’d do differently if they could start over, but we’re actually doing it. Better. Stronger. Faster. And we’re fanatical about hiring others who are great to be around and who share our passion for building something amazing. So, if you’re attracted to getting in on the ground floor, zagging, reaping what you sow, creating incredible experiences, and making a real dent in the marketing universe, this may be our opportunity to make some magic together.

We’re looking for an experienced, highly-motivated, self-assured account manager with strong client management and digital marketing skills. You’ll need the ability to juggle multiple projects, prioritize work assignments, meet deadlines, chug a Smirnoff Ice in under 10 seconds, and work independently in a fast-paced environment.

Still with us? Let's dig in...

Here’s what you’ll do day-to-day.

  • Initially, you’ll work with several people on our team to learn our current processes—so that you can then tell us how we can improve them (Steve Jobs once said, "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.")
  • Most days, you’ll work with the majority of our team in our current home base in Stapleton (as long as you’re self-sufficient, working remotely a couple days per week is no problemo).
  • You’ll meet regularly (in person or via Zoom) with new and existing clients to develop high-level marketing strategies. You’ll need a strong understanding of virtually every tactic we employ, but most of the heavy lifting (Google Ads, social ads, SEO, UX, creative, etc.) will be done by our specialists. At least initially, other members of our team will facilitate these meetings with you, but you’ll eventually be expected to lead them.
  • We're a fast-growing Hubspot partner, so you'll work within the Hubspot UI every day. You'll set up and optimize workflows, plan and deploy content, and teach our clients how to make the most of their Hubspot portal capabilities.
  • You’ll manage multiple/concurrent client accounts (typically 5-8 at a time), including:
    • Developing account marketing mix/strategy
    • Reporting/reviewing directly with clients on the success of the overall marketing mix
    • Identifying opportunities to optimize and increase efficiency of client budget on a month-by-month basis
  • You’ll assign, manage, and monitor tactics across internal and external resources in creative, development, search, social, email, copy, funnel, brand, etc.
  • You'll generate content (and can certainly leverage outsourced resources) for gated offers, email sequences, sales letters, ads, blogs and more.
  • You’ll provide amazing communication through fanatical response times, professional responses, knowledgeable guidance, and fun.
  • In a nutshell, you'll be in charge of attracting site/form traffic, converting that traffic into new leads for the client, and nurturing those leads into customers. You'll also help refine our reporting process to present more impactful reporting to clients.
  • You’ll know you’re being successful if you’re demonstrating our core values, generally meeting deadlines, generating great ideas, demonstrating expertise to our clients, and performing your job in a generally efficient manner. You’ll have even more specific metrics each quarter in our OKR tracking system and weekly check-ins.

Here’s what we’re looking for.

  • 2+ years of strong funnel/flywheel marketing experience
  • Excellent copywriting/editing skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Expertise and/or certifications in Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics
  • Strong familiarity with PPC and social marketing campaigns
  • Mastery of gantt charts and milestone/task dependencies
  • Ability to learn complex software systems quickly
  • Google Docs/Apps/G-Suite expertise
  • Passion for creating memorable experiences for customers
  • Grit, a willingness to roll up your sleeves, and hands-on attitude for your team
  • Someone we’d love to spend time with outside of work
  • Someone who’s able to “wow” clients with reliability, brains, consistency, and personality

Our core values.

If you’re like us, 99% of your previous experience with core values involves tacky plaques on conference room walls. But organizations that think beyond the typical “Integrity, Quality, Service…” (not that those are bad values) and uncover the things that really make their culture tick will quickly find that almost every decision, whether related to hiring, firing, growing, or focusing, becomes almost effortless simply by running it past their core values. Our core values frame our intentions and interactions across the entire Creation Chamber "family" (the clients we pursue and serve, the people we hire and work with, and the vendors and partners in whom we place our trust). Working with us means embracing these values.

What we offer.

  • Competitive pay. We want to be smart, but we’ve never been cheap.
  • Reasonable work hours. You’ll open your computer some nights and weekends, but typically for very short periods.
  • Medical, dental, and vision. We pay 99% of the employee cost and you can add dependants as needed.
  • #CreationChamberUnlimitedPTO.” It’s not only allowed, not only encouraged; it’s enforced, so we created our own Instagram hashtag for our team to share their activities during time off. We’ve also started a refrigerator magnet collection of places visited by our team during time off. It’s no gimmick to us–we believe that time away benefits productivity and perspective, which are paramount in this industry.
  • 401k profit sharing. When the company does well, the upside is shared.
  • Ability to work remotely regularly. We like working side-by-side because it benefits our culture, but we know that flexibility benefits in its own ways, too.
  • A commitment to inspiring core values and an incredible culture. If it’s not great, then it’s something we’re working to improve. There is no higher priority here than culture at any cost.
  • Growth potential for days and an environment where your suggestions can flourish. We believe great ideas come from every level and we work hard to recognize them every time.


Do we seem like the team for you? Tell us more.